National Park

Among the world's most beautiful parks

According to National Geographic the MERCANTOUR is among the most beautiful national Park in the world. And it’s right there, few minutes away from Nice.
Among the reasons that makes the Mercantour exceptional is its diversity, high mountains, agelss villages, hidden valleys, monastries and forts, there is something for everyone and for every taste.

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The red canyons of the CIANS AND DALUIS are among the most beautiful natural sites of the Soouth of France, doted with the multiple historic villages. Perfect for a mix of nature and history.

LA BONNETTE is the highest road in Europe, it offers  ot only stunning panoramas over the Alps, but also multiple opportunities to enjoy a superb alpine day.

THE AUTHION is the only road open to cars inside the park itself. Up to different 40 types of flowers per square meter, bunkers marked by an intensive battle in 1945, breathtaking panoramas, cows and cheese, a taste of Switzerland…

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« How to go wild on the French Riviera » – National Geographic (August 2019)

Mercantour sightseeing tour - Off the beaten tracks French Riviera - Alps sightseeing


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