Let's work together


Our main asset is our knoledge of the regions, of each site we recommend, of the activities we suggest ; but we also know how to make a tour work, what to do and what not to do, we know the clientele and through the years, we developped all the skills required to provide you with the best advice on the market.
For more infos contact Michel: bonjour@1388.fr


We know your clients need a quick feedback from you. Thanks yo our back office we can answer your demand within few hours.
For more infos contact Robert: riviera1388@gmail.com


Our services are tailor made, which imply the capacity to adapt ourselves to the situation and to make sure to provide you with a solution for your clients.


Our partners and our employees work with us for many years, they trust our reputation and it’s for us something essential. Without trust nothing can be achieved.


If we’re still in business after 20 years, it’s also due to the fact that people know that when they work with 1388, they can trust the job to be done. In the tourist business nothing is more important than reliability.