12 Xperiences

French holidays outside the box

Premium van or SUV

A premium SUV for 2, a luxury minivan up to 7, or a fully equiped minubus for a group of 15, we only provide superior vehicles. All inclusive, gas, motorway, parkings, insurances, access, etc.
The vehicles are registered under the two mandatory public transportion licenses, VTC and TPRP, are always recent (less than 3 years) and fully equipped, including wifi, complimentary drinks and comfort items.


Private Guide-Driver

Your certified tour guide is also a certified professional driver and an expert of the region, he will assist you at each step of your holiday 24/7, making sure the only thing you have to do is enjoying your time.
For the minibus (groups from 7 to 15 people) we provide a professional driver and a certified tour guide.

Tailor made program

Having your holidays in the south of France designed by a certified tour guide who knows each village, every single road, who experienced all the activities, has its advantages.
Our expertise about the south of France is so large and detailed that your holiday will be 100% unique, whether based on one of our following program suggestions, or entirely original.



24/7 back office

In addition to your tour guide a 24/7 hotline and a back office will make sure everything goes smoothly, from the restaurant reservations to the doctor appointment and the last minute change of itinerary ; a conciergerie service dedicated to your piece of mind.

The very Heartbeat of France

All over the world each one has her/his own mental image of France,
a postcard of an idealized and timeless country
where everyone lives a hundred years eating cheese.
No matter how much people love France when they visit it,
it’s never really the same than what they fantasized, except here,
in the eternal heart of France.

The Camargue Xperience

A mist of heat drowns the horizons on which contrast the
silhouettes of hundreds of flamingos and herds of black bulls
contrast, while Gardians gather wild horses.
A sun of fire sets over the pink salines, the walls of the millenium
stronghold lights up, herons and stilts pass by…
You’re in Camargue!


A Roman Heritage

16 centuries after the fall of Rome, the ancient Provincia Romana
still abounds with the splendors of the Empire.
You have to have sat down one day in the largest antique
theatre in the world, or lifted up the eyes on the largest aqueduct,
to free yourself from the rules of time.


Provence wine country

Twenty six centuries of winegrowing traditions have left
traces on our landscapes, our traditions, our way of life.
If France is the land of wine Provence is its cradle,
and is there anything more beautiful than childhood?

French Alps Wonders

National Geographic listed recently the Mercantour as one
of the 10 most beautiful National Park in the world.
And indeed if the southern side of the Alps is not the highest, it
offers the most unforgettable experiences and the greatest diversity.

Aubrac Xperience

If you were asking us where is paradise located,
we would probably answer that it’s hiden in the center
of France, around a mythic plateau named Aubrac.
If you dislike crowded areas, if you’re into breathtaking
panoramas, authentic countryside food, lots of cows,
ageless villages, world renown craftsmanship, and cheese,
so so much cheese, well welcome to paradise.

Art & Archi Lovers

All over the south of France each period of history left
masterpieces as testimonies, from the paintind caves
of Chauvet to the world’s highest bridge built by Norman Foster.

On this giant caneva artists developped their genious, Van Gogh,
Cézanne, Matisse, Picasso, Chagall, Léger, Ernst, Miro,
Bonnard, Vasarely, Soulage… Follow the trail.

Immersion in the Middle-Ages

Who never sparked to the Ivanohe adventures?
Who didn’t fantazie about the  legends of the Templar knights ?

From the overwhelming forts and castles of the French Kings,
to the Cistercian monastry, passing by the millenium villages,
the templars stronghold and the Roman churches,
a face to face with History.

Reach for the sun

From the sandy beaches of Normandie to the pebble beach of Nice,
passing by the idyllic fishing ports of Brittany, the castles of the Loire valley, the world heritage sites of Burgundy,
the gastronomy of Lyon, the vineyards in Côtes du Rhône,
the villages of Provence, the luxury Saint-Tropez &
the French Riviera, ten days in France.

From Spain to Germany

From the wines of Bordeaux to the fairytale villages of Alsace,
passing by the legendary beauty of Black  Perigord, the volcanos
of Auvergne, the treasures of Morvan, the great wine route of Burgundy,
the fortified city of Provins, the bubbles of  Champagne, the designed cities of Lorraine.
France is the most visited country because of its diversity.
Ten days to understand why.

Ceate your own Xperience

Can’t make your choice ? You want a little bit of this, a little of that, and maybe a glimpse of something else too…
Let’s create your ideal Xperience of France, the only limits are your imagination.