Legends of the Ages

On the Footsteps of the Templar Knights

During the Middle Ages many spiritual groups were looking for their own “desert”, a remote place where they could either apply a philosophy like the Templars, or pray for the salvation of mankind in silence and devotion like the monastic orders.

On the wild and hypnotic plateau of the LARZAC, the Templars developed a commanderie, unique, fascinating, frozen in time: LA COUVERTOIRADE. Passing the entrance gate is steeping back in time, to the XIIth century, the feeling to be part of the adventures we all imagined.

Today the HERAULT CANYON attracts many visitors, thanks to the legend of the DEVIL’S BRIDGE countrsuction, but more than a thousand years ago it was an isolated site, chosen by monks to build a sumptuous abbey, in SAINT-GUILHEM-DU-DESERT, where a relic of the holy cross was prayed. Listed among the most beautiful village in France Saint-Guilhem is crowded with picturesque streets, charming  local shops, and historic monuments, all of it nested in a dramatic mountain environnement.

A fabulous journey for any history buff in one of the most emblematic region of the south of France, home to the famous Roquefort cheese and Terrasses du Larzac wine.

A tour which can be included  in a multiday program. The region being one of the most beautiful in France you could easily spend a week. For that check The very Heart of France and our Aubrac Xperience.

« The bodies belong to the king of France, but the souls belong to God! » – Templars on the pyre

Shore excursion port of Sète - Templars knights - Herault canyon


  • La Couvertoirade
  • Saint-Ghilhem-du-Désert
  • Hérault river canyon
  • Devil’s bridge


  • 8 hours
  • Private tour
  • Guide-driver
  • Tailor made program
  • From Sète or Montpellier
  • Shore excursion port of Sète
  • Languedoc sightseeing tour