The Provence of
Our Forefathers

Olive oil, wine & lavender

What’s more provencal than this blend ?

Indeed the BARONNIES PROVENCALES STATE PARK, remains the most authentic part of Provence. Until now it is off the beaten tracks of mass tourism.
From this sea of vineyards around Seguret, to the sumptuous olive-covered hillsides, to the lavender fields and vineyards of Vinsobres, it is a sumptuous region.

In the heart of the Baronnies Provencales state park

SEGURET – Located in heart of the Côtes du Rhône vineyards, this medieval village is one of the most beautiful in Northern Provence. Everything here is a postcard, while remaining authentic and of irresistible charm.

BARONNIES HILLSIDE scenic routes – Your guide knows the secret scenic routes through the olive groves, the lavender fields, and the vineyards of Vinsobres. Here is the enchanting provence of our parents.

NYONS The capital of olive oil is a delightful village built on the banks of the Eygues river. Everyone falls in love with it, especially since there are restaurants like the French! So let’s have lunch here.

GRIGNAN – Like Seguret it is listed among the “most beautiful villages in France”. The image of the lavender fields with its superb renaissance castle on the background, is a cult image of Provence, all over the world. A must of Nothern Provence.

A world class olive oil

You will reach the BRES FARM at the end of a narrow road, which sinks among thousands of olive trees. Stunning. At the farm, known to produce some of the best olives in France, you will enjoy a private tasting that will change your perseption of the olive.

« The only difference between Nyons and paradise, is that in Nyons we’re still alive and well » – René Barjavel

Olive oil tour - Lavender, olive oil and wine


  • Seguret
  • Nyons
  • Olive oil farm – Tasting
  • Vinsobres scenic route
  • Grignan


  • Private tour
  • 8 hours
  • Guide-driver
  • Vehicle included
  • All inclusive
  • From Avignon
  • Provence off the beaten tracks