Montpellier & Pézenas

Historic cities of Languedoc

The old towns of the south of France are mostly mineral, therefore, we can enjoy their original charm. The two places you will discover here are “must see” of the South of France. Montpellier has been listed on the 50 places to see in the world, and Pezenas where Molière became the legend he is today, is so well preserved that it’s almost an open air museum.

MONTPELLIER, one of the oldest student town in the Occident, its medecine university is the oldest one in the world, offers a great contrast between the dynamic student life, and the charm of its splendid historic district, “l’écusson” (the crest), largest pedestrian area in France.

PEZENAS, jewel of the Languedoc, is crowded with palaces and remains one of the architectural masterpiece of the south of France. It is also the place where Molière became the great name that he’s still today. One of our favorite place in the south.

Two different atmospheres for a moment in the heart of Languedoc’s history and soul.

« If Jean-Baptiste Poquelin was born in Paris, Molière was born in Pézenas » – Marcel Pagnol

Shore excursion port of Sète - Sightseeing tour Montpellier - Pézenas city tour


  • Montpellier – Place de la comédie & historic district
  • Pézenas – Historic district



  • 8 hours
  • From Sète or Montpellier
  • Customizable program
  • Shore excursion port of Sète
  • Montpellier, Pézenas, Sète city tour