Monet in Italy

A passion for the Italian Riviera

It took no longer than a few minutes. It didn’t take longer for Monet to fall in love with the Italian Riviera.

It may not take much longer for you. We chose to follow the footsteps of the impressionist master to discover the magic of the Riviera’s italian side which, as you will discover, starts before the border.

A program, off the beaten tracks, for discerning travelers.

Dolceacqua, Bordighera & Apricale

The Italian Riviera is gorgeous, but for some mysterious reasons people tend to visit its less attractive aspects.

That won’t be the case in BORDIGHERA, the old town that Monet loved so much is full of charm, while the Belle époque district developped for the elegant european clientele of the time, compete with the most beautiful part of the French Riviera.

DOLCEACQUA, famous for its bridge painted by Monet, embodies all the north of Italy, it is not only splendid, it’s also very impressive to visit.

One of the most beautiful village in nothern Italy, APRICALE offers a stunning exemple of medieval perched community, surrounded by olive groves, in a dramatic envirronement, stunning.

Should we add that you will have the opportunity to enjoy a fabulous italian lunch ?
To discover more of Italy, we could discuss a tour to Portofino, or to the somptuous city of Genoa. Contact us.

« Color is my daily obssession, my job and my torment » – Claude Monet

Italian Riviera tour - Monet in Italy - Dolceacqua visit


  • Bordighera
  • Monet painting path
  • Dolceacqua
  • Apricale


  • Wine tasting in Dolceacqua


  • Private tour
  • 8 hours
  • Guide-driver
  • Tailor made program
  • All inclusive
  • From Nice or Monaco
  • Cultural tour