Art & Wine

Pleasure of the senses

As the wine of Provence grew in reputation and quality, the wineries of GREEN PROVENCE started to attract wealthy businessmen, stars and investors, like Brad Pitt Gorges Lucas, George Lucas, Chanel, Mark Dixon, and many others, who all bough an estate and produce wine here.

Some of them take the opportunity to offer their art collection to the public’s admiration, as you will discover at the sumptuous DOMAINE DE PEYRASSOL near Brignolles. On the territory of a 13rth century Templar farm, you will enjoy a famous collection of contemporary art, presented both in magnificent gardens (first park of monumental sculptures in Europe) and a museum dedicated. You will also discover the excellent Côtes de Provence produced on site through a tour and a tasting.
The place also offers the opportunity of a beautiful LUNCH (included) facing the vineyards.

The afternoon will be an opportunity to  visit the superb village of COTIGNAC, the most beautiful one in Green Provence.

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« Art and wine are the superior joys of free men » — Aristotle

Art and wine in Provence - Wine tour Aix - Art tour Provence


  • Domaine de Peyrassol winery
  • Philippe Austruy art collection
  • Lunch at Chez Jeannette (ask us for dates)
  • Cotignac



  • Private tour
  • 8 hours
  • Guide-driver
  • All inclusive
  • From Aix
  • Adaptable from Nice or Cannes
  • Customizable program