Iconic Saint Tropez

The most private way to visit Saint Tropez

Our famous Saint Tropez excursion.

We could list most of Saint-Tropez’s assets, from Brigitte Bardot to rosé wines, passing by the writer Collette or the painters Signac and Matisse. For sure you would probably know most of them.

StTrop” is a myth and like every myth people tend to think they’re familiar with it, but the authentic town remains secret for most. In other words, after this Saint Tropez excursion you will be like a local.

So to taste the authenticity of
SAINT-TROPEZ and its unique charm, off the clichés, it takes all our passion and our experience of the place.

The Gulf of Saint-Tropez by boat or by car

In order to avoid the traffic that can be a nightmare during the season we offer you the choice.
Firstly you could stop in Sainte-Maxime to cross the splendid Gulf with the bateaux verts, while your driver-guide bring the vehicle to the center of Saint-Tropez, where you will meet him/her in the afternoon.
Secondly you could  go all the way to Saint Tropez with your guide driver. Above all this excursion is private and tailor made.age.

Visit Grimaud in adition to Saint Tropez

In addition you will stop in the village of GRIMAUD.
Even if we recommend to visit the old village, by far the most beautiful one of the region, known for its houses covered with Bougainvilliers, you can choose to go to the marina. For the most part it is a pastiche of a provencal village built on the water.
Therefore the promenade on the canals is very enjoyable. Indeed our excursion of Saint-Tropez always include a second village.

Do you like rosé wine ?

One must not forget that some of the best wineries of Provence are located in the area of Saint-Tropez, of course a visit/tasting in one of them is a great experience.

If you are already based in Saint-Tropez or if your boat dock there, please check this tour.

This Saint Tropez excursion is available from Nice, Cannes or Antibes.

« Being accessible does not break the myth at all » – Michel Polnareff

Saint-Tropez Excursion from Nice - Saint-Tropez excursion from Cannes


  • Saint-Tropez
  • Shuttle boat Gulf of Saint-Tropez
  • Grimaud (Village or Marina)



  • Private tour
  • 8 hours
  • Guide-driver
  • Saint Tropez excursion
  • From Cannes or Nice