Angels whisper

Côtes de Provence

On the very same spot 2000 years ago, a visitor would have seen the same landscape: villages surrounded by vast vineyards, few roads, small communities and land bathed by the Mediterranean sun.
Today Provence produces mostly rosé wines, the best in the world, but the red and the white are also to be discovered.

Rare & confidential wines of the French Riviera

The CHATEAU D’ESCLANS is home of the famous whispering angel, as well as the Garrus, most expensive rosé wine in the world.

At CHATEAU FONT DU BROC it’s one of the most beautiful wine cave of the south of France you will have the chance to visit.

CHATEAU SAINTE ROSELINE produce one of the finest Côtes de Provence and host a fascinating chapel, a must of the region.

LES ARCS, because a wine is a “terroir”, it’s essential to taste the local atmosphere. And Les Arcs, one of the most beautiful village of Provence, is part of the experience.

A bottle of wine countains more philosophy than all the books in the world ” – Louis Pasteur


Provence wine tour - Nice wine tour - Côtes de Provence wine tour


  • Château d’Esclans
  • Château Sainte-Roseline
  • Château Font du Broc
  • Les Arcs – Le Parage


  • Alternative wineries
  • Lunch in a grotto
  • Draguignan american cemetery
  • Pic-nic in a winery


  • Private tour
  • 8 hours
  • Guide-driver
  • Tailor made program
  • All inclusive
  • From Nice, Antibes or Cannes
  • Provence wine tour