Chagall & Matisse

20th century spirit

Wrong Freddy! You may want to read the quaote below the photo to follow…

As genius Matisse and Chagall changed the face of art, each of them in his own way.

They also changed the way we see the world, the way we look at colors, the way we apprehend the light.
There are few things in common between these two giants of art, except the French Riviera, their friendship with Picasso and the two fabulous museums they left in Nice.
A walking tour you can tailor made into a regul full day tour with the Matisse chapel in Vence and the Maeght foundation in Saint-Paul.

Chagall & Matisse museums in Nice

Located on the same avenue of the Cimiez hill, the NATIONAL CHAGALL MUSEUM and the MATISSE MUSEUM offer a stunning journey in the universe of  two of the greatest artists of the XXth century.

A guided tour through the work of the artists of course, but through their personality, their life and their love for the Nice and the French Riviera.

« Modern paintings are like women, you’ll never enjoy them if you try to understand them » – Freddy Mercury

Chagall & Matisse museums - French Riviera art tour - Museum tour Nice


  • Chagall museum – Nice
  • Matisse museum – Nice


  • Matisse chapel – Vence
  • Chagall baptisery – Vence
  • Maeght foundation – Saint-Paul


  • Private tour
  • 4 hours
  • Guide
  • All inclusive
  • From Nice
  • Art tour