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Project Description

The loneliness of the heights

Take your breath away among the summits

Fine arts have been developed to communicate what words can’t describe.
In the heights of the Southern Alps you will (re)discover the power of nature and the infinite beauty of the world. Choose one of the programs below:

  • All alone in the world. On a road so secret that it doesn’t appear on many maps you won’t be disturbed by anything but the sound of birds of prey. Once you reach the Col de la Sinne and discover the village of Ilonse surrounded by mountain ranges, time will stop.
  • The Val d’Entraunes is still today the most isolated valley of the Alpes-Maritimes. For hundreds of years it was so isolated it developed its own culture. The drive to the Col de la Cayolle is legendary and once at the top, the world opens.
  • Travel the highest road in Europe with the Col de la Bonnette. Not only the panoramic vistas purely breathtaking, but also along the way you will discover the traditions of the Alps in villages like Saint-Dalmas-le-Selvage, Saint-Etienne-de-Tinée, Le Pra and Bousieyas.
  • La Madone de la Fenestre, was the oldest access to the Piemonte region, where the “salt road” used to pass through a window (fenestre).In the monastery can be seen the famous black virgin, object of so many ancient legends, the main gate to the Mercantour National Park.

Completely off the beaten path, for determined visitors looking for true authenticity. For lunch, beside the picnic, you will have no other option in Ilonse or at La Madone de Fenestre, try a traditional mountain restaurant in the Val d’Entraunes, or in Bousieyas.

  • Travelers : 1 to 8

  • Door to door service from Nice

  • From Monaco and Cannes

  • Duration : 8 hours

  • Availability : Daily

  • Level of activity : demanding

  • Traditional French picnic


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