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Project Description

Journey through the Middle ages

Legendary painted chapels and medieval villages along the Royal road

What do you think about spending a day off the beaten track, to go back in time and put your steps in those of the peasants of the XVth century?

The valleys of the Bevera and the Roya come to light; with their unique religious heritage which hold masterpieces of the European art, their villages frozen in time since the Middle age, a salt road which became “royal” when it turned out to be the greatest accomplishment of the 18th century, their roads forgotten by the visitors and nevertheless so beautiful, their breathtaking panoramas, and so much more.

It is the journey to which we invite you, from Sospel and its famous medieval pay toll bridge to the splendid town of Tende on the Italian border, passing by the hidden jewel which is La Brigue and Saorge the « French Tibet », Notre-Dame-des-Fontaines “the Sixtine chapel of the Alps” (entrance fee included).

A timeless day, far from everything, to find the echoing voices of our ancestors… which turn out to be yours as well.
Traditional mountain lunch in a restaurant of La Brigue (not included) or traditional french picnic (optional). For practical reasons we will start the tour with La Brigue on Tuesday and Thursday.

Experiences: Visit the Sistine chapel of the Alps, walk the salt Royal road, discover side roads

Itinerary: Sospel, Saorge, La Brigue, Roya & Bevera valleys, Notre-Dame-des-Fontaines, Tende

  • Travelers : 1 to 8

  • Door to door service from Nice or Monaco

  • From Cannes

  • Duration: 10 hours

  • Availability: Daily

  • Level of activity: Moderate

  • Traditional French picnic


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