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Project Description

American Riviera

A unique journey through the roaring twenties, literature and arts

« You are a lost generation » said Gertrude Stein to Ernst Hemingway. Thus, the term was born. During the roaring twenties a whole generation of American writers left the US for Europe, and for more than a decade a lot of them considered the French Riviera their second home.

That’s where they met the great names of modern art such as Picasso, Leger or Matisse, as well as some of their most renowned fellow countrymen, generating a unique artistic dynamic. While the first summer season was established in 1925, they gave the Riviera the face we know today. We’ll give you the opportunity to discover the seaside from Fréjus to Antibes, passing by the Gold Corniche, Cannes and Golfe-Juan, on the path of F. Scott Fitzgerald, E. Hemingway, J. Dos Passos, J. Mac Kay, Charlie Chaplin and many others.

A cultural tour, accessible to everyone, as well as a journey through the beauty of the French Riviera. Discover the house where “Great Gatsby” was written, the Hemingway beach in Mandelieu, the district inspired by Miami beach in Antibes, also the roman port founded by Julius Caesar, the most famous coastal road in Europe and much more.

To create this tour we searched the archives to find what Pierre Nora called « sites of memory », and we designed an itinerary between memory and dream.
« Is it any better in heaven, my friend Ford, than you found it in Provence? »
—William Carlos Williams

Experiences: Read “Garden of Eden” on Hemingway’s beach, listen to a reading of Dos Passos at La Garoupe, and follow the paths of some legends of American literature.

Itinerary: Fréjus, Saint-Raphaël Valescure, Agay, Gold Corniche ,Mandelieu, Cannes, Juan les pins, Garoupe lighthouse

  • Travelers : 1 to 8

  • Door to door service from Nice or Cannes

  • From Monaco

  • Duration: 8 hours

  • Availability: Daily

  • Level of activity: Easy

  • Traditional French picnic

  • Visit of the Franco-American Clews foundation


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